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The expertise of Harry Holzheu

  • Doyen of communication coaches
  • Business-Coach for sales and rhetoric
  • Visiting lecturer for rhetoric at the University
    St. Gallen MBA Executive
  • Decades of experience
  • Inventor of emotional selling ®
  • Stands for natural and authentic rhetoric
  • Transcends communication barriers
  • Addresses comprehensively and directly

With his approach to address the client comprehensively and thereby gaining his sales trust (emotional selling®), Harry Holzheu builds a bridge to his vis-à-vis. He gives individual coachings, seminars and holds speeches. His know how assures long term customer loyalty. Who seeks to position himself in the market as a winner will have to engage in this deeper level of dialogue.

„Harry Holzheu’s book is the best that has ever been written about rhetoric.“
Helmut Maucher, Honorary President Nestlé Ltd.